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A brilliant pre-launch for the book “Do EPIC Stuff! – Leadership after Change Management”. Interview partners, publisher, press and other guests came to the event. Insights of the book premiere.

The book “Do Epic Stuff! – Leadership after Change Management” is available in stores from today. Reason enough to celebrate. Celebrating – that was exactly the keyword at the pre-launch of “Do Epic Stuff!”. An inspiring evening with discussion rounds on “Achieving great goals” and “Success through focussing” took place at the Focus Factory in Ober-Ramstadt (near Frankfurt a.M.). Besides innovative leaders from DAX30 companies, press representatives, publishers and other guests were present.



Impressions from the book premiere of “Do Epic Stuff! – Leadership after Change Management”

The crackling of the microphone led to absolute silence in the room at 5 p.m.. Everyone was looking towards the stage, where Susanne Schöne warmly welcomed the guests. The presenter, who is known from Welt/N24, invited the author René Esteban to come on stage and share a few thoughts about Do EPIC Stuff! and the story behind it. Two exciting panels enriched a captivated audience: Jörg Hellwig (CDO, LANXESS), Dr. Christoph Hüls (Internal Entrepreneur in Action, Merck Group) and Frank Sielaff (Founder & Managing Director, entrusted) talked about “Achieving great goals” and Kathie Starks (Branch Manager and Head of Asset Servicing, Bank of New York Mellon), Daniel Szabo (CEO Körber Digital & Founder YOU MAWO) and Axel Löber (Senior Vice President Global Brand & Marketing, E.ON) discussed how to gain “Success through focussing”.

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A surprise was in store: The book interview partner and Shaolin master Lu Yuan presented a Shaolin show with his student Marco Winter. While soft Far Eastern sounds filled the room, the Shaolin show brought the crowd deep into relaxation – just before the tension curve rose rapidly again: Part of the show was to throw a needle through the front of a glass pane with a balloon attached behind it and make it burst … that needs focus! The crowd held its breath in suspense.


Shaolin master Lu Yuan during his performance around focus

Book interview partner Walter Gunz (co-founder of the electronics giant Media Markt) receives his book copy from “Do Epic Stuff!” author René Esteban

After that, the interview partners present on the book premiere were handed copies of the book. With each copy, the author told a little anecdote of the respective interview, such as: when he met Walter Gunz (co-founder of the electronics giant Media Markt) for an interview at the Italian Osteria in Munich at 40°C in the shade or Axel Löber (SVP Global Brand & Marketing at the energy company E.ON) during an ICE trip to Essen.

Epic moments with epic people! A big thank you to everyone who made this pre-launch a wonderful and special event, as well as many thanks to Susanne Schöne for the great moderation and especially to the team of FocusFirst who created the event in such an extraordinary way.

A very special thank you to Campus Verlag and all interview partners without whom the book and the event would not have been possible: Axel Löber, Daniel Szabo, David Jeans, Dirk Ramhorst, Dr. Christoph Hüls, Dr. Joachim Jäckle, Dr. Rahmyn Kress, Frank Sielaff, Jörg Hellwig, Kai Czeschlik, Kathie Starks, Klaus Straub, Lu Yuan, Ludwig Askemper, Martin Stork, Nils Stamm, Susann Kunz, Walter Gunz.

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P.S. Click here to go directly to the chapter videos – Check out the book on Amazon now.

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„DO EPIC STUFF! – Leadership after Change Management”, published by Campus Verlag. Transformation expert René Esteban explains together with top entrepreneurs of today’s business world how to achieve challenging goals together. Learn more about the book and order it directly.

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